Marvellous Manali

Manali.. said to be one of the most beautiful destinations in India, it is neither too cold as Leh, Ladakh nor warm as other 'hill stations' during summers in other parts of India. I never realised that India has so many hidden treasures, which naturally raised questions like why Indian travellers go to other countries when there is so much to explore in India itself.

Manali is a hill station in Himachal Pradesh one of the last states in the northern most India. Himachal derived from "Him-achal" means "Icy-drape". Manali like many other hill stations in India is one among the group of hill stations. Kulu is another hill station which is highly thronged with population and you can see all the slopes filled with houses, but contrary to Kulu, Manali is much cooler and much serene.

Once in Manali you will get the glimpse of the snow covered mountains and cool air surrounding you. There is snow even in mid summer and hence the "peak" period is May-June-July. There are loads of places to visit and many trekking trails. The place is filled with apple orchards which also bear fruit in the months of June-July which provide a magnificent views.

Manali also has many sporting activities like para gliding, zorbing and snow skiing. You could spend couple of weeks easily here and never feel bored. It takes nearly 12 hrs from Delhi and about 6 hrs from chandigarh. Many people prefer to visit Shimla as well which is very near.

No doubt, Manali can be easily said as one of the beautiful places to visit in India.

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