Travel from Chennai to Tirupathi

This weekend, I had taken my new baby (CBZ Xtreme) for a ride to the abode of Lord Venkateswara. This is my first long distance ride (at least in my view ;-)) on my new bike, some 300+ Km in total.

The ride was an absolute bliss but, may be my heart wanted more. 150cc wasn't enough to rev up on those highways, my stock CBZ maxed out at 110.

When I planned my trip, thanks to Google Maps, I assumed National Highways to be well maintained than state highways, but on the contrary it is the other way round :)

Driving through the green backyards of India, still the home of pleasant weather and picturesque scenes home of the eastern ghats, reached the foot hills of tirumala-tirupati in well over 3 hrs. The ride on the ghat roads which can be counted among the well maintained in the country was an absolute bliss, the 22 odd km on those mountainous ranges was a treat to the eye.

While returning though, once outside of tirupati the roads were engulfed in absolute darkness, I may be expecting a little too much from the "National Highways", still sagging in two lanes. Alas, we call India shining though we don't have any lights on the Highways.

I would suggest any one who are in proximity to ride to Tirupathi. It's just magnificent. A ride of a lifetime.

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